Let's cut to the chase, below are a list of technologies I am familiar with:

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A Brief Summary

I am currently employed as a Python Developer where I primarily work in Python to build calculations.

I continuously work on developing my skills as a developer by practising and developing my skills both at work and in my spare time. At work I thoroughly enjoy learning new skills and particularly enjoy the problem solving aspect of my tasks. During my spare time, I learn new methodologies, ideologies and skills through Udemy, YouTube, reading online and working on personal project (my favourite method). This includes my drive to work where I often swap out my usual Spotify playlist to a tech related video - don't worry I listen and drive, eyes are still on the road!

Programming: How it all Started

My first taste as programming was during university where I had learnt MatLab as part of my course. At the time, I could not explain why I enjoyed Matlab, it just felt right. Unfortunately, as I was juggling both work at the Holiday Inn and studying for my degree, MatLab was an area I managed to invest much time in.

My final year of studies is where I really discovered my passion for programming. For my dissertation I decided that I wanted to produce a product rather then write a research paper. I taught myself VBA and the mechanics of fire. Using the two I created my first program which was a two-zone fire model.

The most enjoyable part of the project was learning an entire new language and starting to see the potential programming can have in my work. After university I continued developing in VBA and had made a number of programs at work for myself and my colleagues in order to help the team become more efficient.

This year I was introduced to the world of Python. Python completely changed the way I saw the world. I had already been finding a lot of limitations with VBA and this eradicated all limits and allowed so much more. I purchased a course on Udemy and instantly applied what I had learnt at work. I was able to create a simple script that saved us as a hotel 240 pages of printing a day, and was shared globally as part of the Green Engage initiative. In terms of my Python knowledge at this point, I had only just scratched the surface, and already I had made an impact!

This was the point I truly realised that I wanted to become a developer, and ever since that decision I have been constantly learning and working on projects so that I can hopefully open myself up to this new world I am so eager to join.